what you should expect

We approach each child as an individual and tailor our assessments to the questions you need answered. Our neuropsychological evaluations are conducted entirely by Dr. Hoeveler, Dr. Loss, or Dr. Anderson. They take place in several stages.

Our first appointment is a Parent Interview.

This gives us a chance to talk in detail about the evaluation process, clarify the questions you would like to have answered, and help us get to know more about your child and your family. Click here to learn more about the parent interview.

The second and third meetings are the Assessment Sessions with your child.

In anticipation of the appointment you might explain to your child that a neuropsychological evaluation is a chance to ‘take a picture’ of how he/she thinks, learns, and solves problems. We build our picture by doing many different things together, very little of which resembles things done at school. Everyone will find some things easy and some things hard, but to get the best picture your child should be prepared to try his or her best on everything we do. We do everything possible to ensure that this is a positive experience. Click here to learn more about the assessment sessions with your child.

Our final appointment is the Feedback Session.

We will meet together to discuss the results of the evaluation approximately 3 weeks after we see your child. Together we will review the findings, talk about their implications, and discuss the recommendations. We devote approximately 90 minutes to this process to ensure that your questions are addressed. Click here to earn more about the feedback appointment.

Finally, you will receive a formal report.

Our reports are not a simple presentation of test scores. They are written to be detailed ‘translations’ of your child’s neurocognitive strengths and challenges. You will receive a comprehensive report of your child’s evaluation that reviews relevant history, clinical observations, and assessment data. Detailed recommendations are included on how best to support your child’s learning and development.Click here to learn more about the formal report.

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Information is provided about insurance, as well as relevant specifics about the evaluation process for your child’s healthcare provider or education team. An online appointment form is provided for your convenience.