…more about the final report

The Final Report detailing your child’s neuropsychological evaluation is intended to be a document that serves you and your child well. Beyond “scores,” the evaluation report uses norm referenced performance on formal tests and behavioral questionnaires; clinical observations; and knowledge of development and brain-behavior relationships to create a comprehensive picture of the child’s unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses.

Our reports are written to be persuasive documents. In other words, we want them to work on your child’s behalf. The reader will learn how your child ‘ticks’ and effective ways to work with him or her. When appropriate, diagnostic clarification will be offered including the educational services for which your child might be eligible by law.

In all circumstances (unless otherwise stated) you as parents ‘own’ this document and decide with whom to share it. We will be happy to provide formal copies of the report to persons you designate with the appropriate releases. We do not typically send reports directly to schools since we believe that communication about your child should begin with you. We are happy to provide additional information or assistance to the school at your request but any face-to-face meetings or lengthy phone conversations will incur an additional fee.

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