…more about your child’s assessment sessions

The two assessment sessions are scheduled in 3-hour blocks from 9 AM to 12 noon. One parent will need to be here throughout this appointment.

To get the most reliable results we need to have a ‘well fed, well rested child’, so anything you can do to help with that will be greatly appreciated! Also, please bring ‘easy-to-eat’ healthy snacks that your child enjoys and something for him or her to drink. You might pack more than you expect as the evaluation is very ‘fuel intensive’. We will take a 10 minute break mid-way through the session. This is a chance for your child to touch base with you, take a walk, stretch legs, or just change venue for a few minutes. After that we will be back at it for about another 90 minutes.

While you are waiting we may have some additional questionnaires for you to complete. We also invite you to bring a good book or a project that you enjoy, as what parent finds 3 hours in one day of ‘downtime’! For your convenience we have wireless internet available. There is a coffee shop right around the corner, and once we begin to work with your child you are welcome to bring back a cup to enjoy here.

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