about insurance

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to you and your family. In order to carry out that mission we have capped the cost of our evaluations to make them accessible to you. Neuropsychological evaluations are covered under most medical insurance plans but each individual policy is different. In order to maximize our clinical availability and contain costs, we are not ‘in network’ with any plan and do not bill insurance directly.

We provide multiple levels of support to help you access our services. We have two documents to help you prepare for a call to your insurance carrier. These can be found under the Forms tab on our homepage. The CPT code is listed there, the code by which your benefits are looked up by your carrier. You also need to know if a preauthorization is required. You will receive our Statement of Services at the end of the evaluation process once you bill is paid in full. It has all of the data your carrier needs to process your claim, including: dates/hours of service; CPT code; diagnostic codes; the EIN number or tax ID for Child Neuropsychology PC; and our individual license and national provider numbers.

We prefer personal checks made out to Child Neuropsychology PC as payment. We can accept Visa or MasterCard for a nominal fee.